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shut up Chula

I'll be dogsitting for my aunt and uncle while they, my mom, my cousin and her son are gone. After work they'll be heading to Gene, NV. They'll check into their hotel, eat and gamble a bit that night. The next morning they'll head into Vegas and take my cousin and her son to the airport for their flight to Germany. My mom, aunt and uncle will probably head from there to Primm, NV for a little bit more gambling and then head home. They won't even be gone 24 hours.

Meanwhile, I'll be at my aunt's house keeping an eye on Chula and Ruckles (the dogs) and possibly the dog for a neighbor as well. That's kind of up in the air right now. Ruckles is an old (14 yrs) cocker spaniel/poodle mix with very little eyesight and hearing. I've know her since she was a puppy and she's very easy to take care of. Chula is a very young dog, I'm not sure of her breed. All I know is her constant yapping at anything. And I mean anything.

I'm debating whether I should take one of my computer games with me or finish the book I'm reading right now. Well, actually, I'm reading three books right now concurrently. Does anyone else read multiple books at the same time?
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