shut up Chula

I'll be dogsitting for my aunt and uncle while they, my mom, my cousin and her son are gone. After work they'll be heading to Gene, NV. They'll check into their hotel, eat and gamble a bit that night. The next morning they'll head into Vegas and take my cousin and her son to the airport for their flight to Germany. My mom, aunt and uncle will probably head from there to Primm, NV for a little bit more gambling and then head home. They won't even be gone 24 hours.

Meanwhile, I'll be at my aunt's house keeping an eye on Chula and Ruckles (the dogs) and possibly the dog for a neighbor as well. That's kind of up in the air right now. Ruckles is an old (14 yrs) cocker spaniel/poodle mix with very little eyesight and hearing. I've know her since she was a puppy and she's very easy to take care of. Chula is a very young dog, I'm not sure of her breed. All I know is her constant yapping at anything. And I mean anything.

I'm debating whether I should take one of my computer games with me or finish the book I'm reading right now. Well, actually, I'm reading three books right now concurrently. Does anyone else read multiple books at the same time?
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Sometimes, yes (and since I presently have Meeting at Telgte sort-of on the side and read Clan of the Cave Bear while I was reading it, I guess the answer is yes, after all...)
Best luck with everything. And I like the new title/username.
(Should definitely have gotten more sleep... interview in 4.5 hours...)
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Thanks- Cleo (1996?-2000) used to belong to my sister (and taken care of by my family in general when my sister lived in dorm rooms and apartments where pets were not in the lease. *imagines opening a lease to find a rabbit inside*)
It's been years since I read (a translation of) parts I&II of Faust (and several years separated the two- having some trouble recalling, now, just when I read which. Enjoyed both certainly, very much. As music-obsessive also can't help adding that while I know I'm giving hostages to fortune by making this offhand statement, I'm thinking that it's hard (for me) to think of another single work of (at least semi-)secular literature that's inspired so much often excellent music from so many composers...
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I've never kept rabbits, and the last time I tried to hold one it kicked me. All the wrong moves on my end, I suppose. :)

Ah, but rabbits are floofy. Reading Part 1 of Faust. The library I borrowed that from doesn't have Part 2, but I suppose I can forage online. I'm afraid I'm rather unfamiliar with the music Faust inspired, but I'm fascinated with the religious subtext. Actually got to reading Faust after reading The Master & Margarita, which was supposed to be Faust-like, or something influenced by, I've forgotten the byline by now. Anyway, M&M was one of my favorite books, and it was coldly, idiotically, thinkable.

Malver, is that a gryphon in a suit in your LJ pic?
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Well, Cleo didn't much like being held by me, either.
Faust Part II can be downloaded from Project Gutenberg.
(There's a musical version of M&M, too, as I recall. At least one!)
Music inspired by Faust includes at the very, very least- erm, never mind, I think such a long list would spam this comment section beyond repair. Though Liszt's Faust Symphony deserves a mention (as do several operatic treatments - the Busoni was not inspired by Goethe so why am I mentioning it? hrm...- and of course Mahler's 8th...)
Despite my connections with the Gryphon's Guild that pic is actually not a gryph but rather a formally-dressed horse as realized by stuffy. My other pics are either scanned-in photos (of Cleo, of me next to Patchwork horse Trooper), a screen capture of some music I wrote, or were contributed (much appreciated by me, as is the horse drawing) by Maggock (this one) and Akiwis (the penguin-to-be-squished..)!
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Emperor Penguin! *I hope* But it certainly looks squishable. Ooh!

Thanks for the link, I will look that up once I've finished Part 1. The wonders of the Net, what with the lack of proper books to read.

Hamster <--- a very bad reader of modernish fiction

A musical version of M&M? As in a musical of M&M, like Les Miserables? This I must go research...and thanks muchly again. Btw, that was a fine horse-gryph in a suit. Rather smart, like the penguin. Eh, it gives me the impression of talking to someone a hundred years old, but it's all a good sort of antiquity. Something like the way Wolfie often sounds like a grandaddy soul. :)
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Hrm- not a musical theater version- I remember reading about a ballet version I think- and a LoC search turns up a symphonic fantasia on Master and... by Petrov... - and, there- that may be it- 1995 recording on Russian Disc of scenes from Lazarev's ballet Master and Margarita. That may be what I remember reading a review of - I have/had two 1995 issues of Fanfare that I would read over and over, so the date's about right!
Another place I like to find books on the net is www.baen.com/library , though that's mostly sci-fi/fantasy.
I really need to hear the rest of Havergal Brian's Faust opera (Part I only) some day, but none of it's commercially recorded and I have just the prologue in Heaven on tape...
When you asked this question I was reading "Beggars and Choosers" by Nancy Kress, "Sagittarius Whorl" by Julian May and "Darkness at Sethanon" by Raymond E. Feist. I finished "Beggars and Choosers" this morning and have started on Gordon R. Dickson's "The Dragon on the Border." Good stuff. :o)
Vinny da Geek? :P
Eh, I read all sorts of things at the same time. I think it helps me concentrate online. Currently reading Portrait of A Marriage (Nigel Nicolson) and Goethe's Faust. I still have a handful of books with bookmarks stuck halfway through. No time to read them, and I can only read so many windows at once...
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Heh. I should have specified real physical books. But yeah, I've got 2 books in ".lit" format I'm reading off and on as well. I didn't like that format at first but it's grown on me.
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Mmm? All my books are paper things. :)

I meant that reading many paper things at once facilitates my reading many windows at once.