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I'm posting this from my uncle's computer. Gawd, now I'm remembering why I love my XP over Win98. The folks left on time, better than they usually do. It's been a quiet evening of reading for me with the dogs sitting near by asleep. Ruckles is about 2 feet away from me on a bed alseep. No doubt Chula is doing the same on the front room couch.

I forgot to bring my alarm clock with me. I wanted to walk down to Fantastic Sams when they opened tomorrow to get my haircut finally. Maybe my body will wake up early.... nah, I didn't think so either. I've got to let the dogs out though for their morning walk-about the front yard to do their business. It turns out I didn't have to watch Muffy, the nieghbor's dog, after all. I wouldn't have minded. She's a bit high strung but a very good dog.

Have a good night ya'll.
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What you say about DOS is true, but then I rarely ever use DOS for anything any more. Maybe for a few legacy games but that's about it.