*tap* *tap* Is this thing on?

Yeah, it's been a pretty much boring week, hence the lack of posts plus I've got a cold. True to form I turn into a big whiny baby when I'm sick and am not pleasant company.

Let's see... I liked this week's Voyager with Seven exploring her human (read: amorous) emotions. Personally though I'd have given a go at Harry Kim more so than Chakotay. ;o)

Daria was totally cool especially the way Daria and Jane manipulated Quinn to suit their own needs to win their respective bets. I also found it funny that Stacy finally flipped out towards the end, gotten tired of Tiffany's ways. It's about time she got a backbone. Now I hope she'll keep it in future though I doubt it.

I should be updating my Desertwolf and Bentboy sites tonight. I try not to do them at the same time because I tend to update something on one of them and then switch to the other site and then forget what else I was going to do to the first one. I get so confused (no big suprise there! heh.)
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Thanks for the soup ebby. BTW, I swear if I have one more bowl of that stuff my tummy will burst. Chicken soup, beef soup, turkey soup, veggie soup, etc... You name it I've been eating it. What I really want is fried chicken with some wedge potatoes... *thinks* ...and macaroni and cheese... and even perhaps some potato salad. Mmmmm!