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I had taken a 4 mile walk (round trip) to WalMart yesterday morning, not really to buy anything but rather to just have a destination to walk to. Hardly any people were there so I just wandered around all over the store several times schlepping around... I'm quite surprised security didn't follow me actually. :o) Almost picked up some herbs, purple sage and a variegated oregano, to plant outside. I did pick up three CDs though. Note to self: never go to WalMart with cash in your pocket; it's asking for trouble. The CDs I picked up were:

  • Rod Stewart's "The Very Best of"
  • The Temptation's "The Best of, The Millennium Collection"
  • Kenny Roger's "Greatest Country Hits"

Yeah, Kenny Rogers. My dad used to play a lot of him, Waylon Jennings, Oak Ridge Boys and such when I was younger and Rogers kind of stuck in my head. Of course, my dad also liked ABBA too so it all balanced out in the end I think. ;o)
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