Vinny da Geek (desertwolf) wrote,
Vinny da Geek

the 2 events of today

Event 1: I got a call from my sis today. I hadn't talked to her in a while now and we just shot the breeze. Talking about "the Lord of the Rings", a missed meeting for her and my bro-in-law with Georgia Rep. Bob Barr (eeeeevil man IMHO), my 7 yr old nephew going to college at Georgia Tech., and as always, my dad. I suppose should to call him. I haven't talked to him since Father's Day and according to my sis he's always happy after I call him, which is a bit strange. I swear he and I are the most reticent phone talkers in history. Gossiping about the family is fine and we could do that for a while, but when it actually comes to really talking to each other we just flounder. *sigh* He has regrets about not being involved with us when my sister and I were kids while he was out with his friends and drinking. I have the guilt of not being what he envisioned for his eldest child and only son. *sighs again*

Event 2: While I was in the bathroom there was a knock at the door. I figure it was the next door neighbor going to ask to borrow the phone. Well, she's just going to have to wait, wasn't she? Again a knock and again I ignored it. A third knock came along with the words "it's the police". EEP! I nearly tripped over myself getting to the door. There were two cops, a male and female officer. I asked what I could do for them. The male one asked if there was anything going on. The female stated there was a call reporting that there was a big argument/fight going on here. I just look at them and said I was home alone and didn't know what they were talking about. We talked about it and they said the caller probably gave them the wrong address. The male cop called-in using the walkie talkie on his shoulder and apologized for bothering me. Then they left. Odd.
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