my web identity

The domain name that FortuneCity.com gifted me to use back in 2000 (remember that gizzard?) has run out. I had planned to get it for myself, but, now I'm considering maybe I should get something different rather than the typical "desertwolf" moniker I've been using since 1998. I've used plenty of other user names for website & email providers and chat programs too though their use has always been minor. Now I'm wondering maybe it's time to do and be something else, ya know?

...then again I'm a creature of habit, and lazy as well, so I'm probably stick with what I have now. Suggestions are welcome though. :o)
ah, it's about that time is it? Console yourself with the lack of your domain name with the fact that about a thousand angry users who were promised (mainly by me) that they would have a domain name for life, as long as they stayed at FC.... the NY staff are in for some angry phone calls :o) Hee :o)

That'll teach em for spending all our money on crap and laying off the decent staff! Remind me, i keep meaning to subscibe peter@fortunecity.com to loads of porn spam...
By "spending money on crap" does that include changing the look of FC every year? Seems like it. I'd complain about the ranking system that was added with the last redesign but I'm getting a good supply of traffic due to the visit-these-Top 5-sites-in-this-category onunload() popups. I'm currently #2 in my category. heh heh

Do you think peter would like some emails about increasing the size of his *censored* by 1 to 3 inches? How about free pictures of hot college dorm babes? Or even low, low rates on a home loan? I've got plenty of that crap I'd happily foward to him every day. :o)
I'm sure he would benefit enormously from advice on enlarging his penis. go on, get him spammed :o)

Yeah, they blew all of the money on ridiculous wages for the american staff (not us), overly expensive advertising campaigns, nice new offices, expensive dinners, staying in stupidly priced hotels, hiring absolute expensive amateurs to redesign the site every few months, then usability groups to tell them that actually, it sucked arse, which we consistently tried to tell them in the first place, over and over again.

Basically, they were complete twats who ignored the advice of everyone in the uk office who actually started and understood the company, spent all of the money, and turned it into a portal for a corporate wed hosting company.

I'm amazed that even after a year and a half of not being there any more, how furious i still get about this.... i might make a webpage about it, host it on fortunecity, and submit it to the search engines lots, with peter's email address on it. that would be satisfactory :o) Since they fired all of the tech support they don't have time to check for dodgy websites anymore...
yeppers, mine has gone too, Merv "PROMISED" me it, so I am clearly maintaining a grudge for life....;o)

ooo an identity change? hum..... what kind of image do you want to project? Do any of your alternative "nicks" convey an image you particularly like?

I dont think I can be anyone else now :o/ thats Merv's fault too ;o)
I was acting under orders.... you need to email peter@fortunecity.com and say I promised you the domain name, and that you are going to email him every day until you get it back. Go on, it'll be fun :o)
Ha another victim of the FC free domain scam. I too was offered one way back in time by some female staffer (Don't remember her name anymore). Took forever to get the domain and then when I didn't get "all" info, I, in my naive belief wrote and asked where the hell rest of the info was. I was laughed right out of FC (mostly) cos nope they were mostly just out to get popular domain names that people really wanted. *grrrr*

Ahh well I've since moved on to much better pastures and have bought and paid for a domain myself :)

Sara (Who used a zillion names at the ole FC)