Shut the browser down and step away from the computer

My name is Vince and I have a problem... It used to be guestbooks. I'd start with one and then go exploring the sites of the people who signed it and then folow the links of their guestbooks and so on. Now it's journals -- both LJ and Blogger, though I like LJ more so. I must have visited 40+ journals in the wee hours of this morning. And I would have visited more if I hadn't lost my internet connection. I need a life. *sigh* Anyway, back to journal surfing...
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I'm not an addict, it's cool...
I've managed to escape the blogger/livejournal craze, because when it's used for links, I can't help but think that Cruel.com does it better, and when it's done as a journal, I always run into the daisy tori girls.

You know...

"OMIGOD i went out and got sooooooo drunk and now im tiping with a hangover. Yuk! I should of talked to BOb but he was being so STOOPIT so i just left with Mike insted."

I fall into a few journals, but those are the ones that go on for days talking about cats...I wonder what that says about me. ;)