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mall, books, & food

Decided to go to the Friends of the Library store today and when I got the Mall I was shocked to see the parking lot almost full. Usually it's a ghost town. Walking into the west entrance I saw it was crowded with parents and kids as it turns out there was some kind of kids pagaent going on. Ack! I had to squeeze my way through. Inside the store I was like a kid in the candy store when I saw some of the new books available. I ended up buying 18 books for a grand total of $5, although one of the books I had bought I found out later I already owned. Doh! Oh well, I'll just donate it back to them. The books I got were:

  • Peter Benchly - "Jaws" (I already owned *sigh*)
  • David Brin - "The Uplift War"
  • Raymond E. Feist - "Magician: Master"
  • Peter F. Hamilton - "The Reality Dysfunction Part 1: Emergence"
  • Dean Ing - "Anasazi"
  • J. V. Jones - "The Baker's Boy"
  • Robert Jordan - "The Eye Of The World"
  • Dennis L. McKiernan - "The Brega Path"
  • Armistead Maupin - "Babycakes"
  • L.E. Modesitt Jr. - "Colors Of Chaos"
  • Fred Saberhagen - "Berserker Kill"
  • R. A. Salvatore - "Dragonslayer's Return"
  • Robert Silverberg - "The King Of Dreams"
  • Michael Swanwick - "The Iron Dragon's Daughter"
  • Paula Volsky - "Illusion"
  • Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman - "Love And War"
  • Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman - "The Magic Of Krynn"
  • Allen L. Wold - "Eye In The Stone"

For lunch was take-out chinese. Doubleplusgood stuff! Dinner was ramen noodles and some BBQ chicken left-over from yesterday.
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