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my dad, J, and internet time

I waited a respectable 10-15 minutes after the game to call my father and send him my condolences for his Redskins losing to my 49ers. Yes, I gloated. Yes, he once again called them the "Whiners". We got on the subject of pizza and found out we like the opposites type. My dad likes thin crust and for me, the thicker the better. I remembered that my sister asked me to find out if they were going to visit after all. My dad's voice kind of dropped a level and said the trip was "very iffy". Hmm, not good. After saying goodbye I called my sis and let her know what dad had said. She told me she had asked my step-mother and apparently she told my sister they probably wouldn't be visiting this year but maybe next spring they would.

J called me in the early evening. He was taking a walk around the City when he called. He always walks in the morning and then evening no matter where he is. His BF was at the apartment reloading Windows because he apparently had gotten a nasty virus. Anyway, J was walking around town while we were capping on each other and eventually he got to the Castro. When he passed by the Badlands I remarked he was passing his true home. I won't say where he told me I could stick my opinion but it made me laugh. ;o) He's looking into alternatives to moving there with his BF, and if not in the City itself then maybe in a town nearer. There's a potential new position opening up at work which may allow him to move about a hour away from there with very flexible hours. I hope it happens for him.

For the past three years Internet time has been monopolized by me. I've tried to get my mother to use it, whether it be email or messaging but she never would. It should have been obvious to me what could make her use it: games! Whether it's bingo, keno or hearts she's been using it lot lately which is cool because I find myself not using it much these days. A friend of the family had showed her how to play Slingo and ever since then she's been playing online whenever I'm not using it.
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