I'm watching "CSI" right now and all I can think about is when Sara was getting her initial look at the dead cheerleader, I noticed that the girl's neck twitched. It's not like she's really dead but things like this bug me all day long. Who didn't see this at production?

On another note: Is it just me or does George Eads (Nick on "CSI") look sexier now then he did when he was younger? I had already lusted after him years ago when he was on "Savannah" (damn good show that ended too soon) now he makes me all gooey inside. :o)
Do you remember when Nick was suspected of killing some hooker bird he was seeing, ( prolly a while a go given the delay to the UK) and ooooooo...the panic I felt that he might be goin out the series! ;o)

Hes yummy :o) Much nicer than the normal totty you fancy ;o)
"Much nicer than the normal totty you fancy "

Eh? *squints and then asks if he can borrow Darkie's scythe to give eekers a haircut*

I do remember that episode, though, I think it was 2 seasons ago. The first season's episodes are being rebroadcasted on the TNN channel here so there's lots of CSI to enjoy on TV. :o)