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Switch this

It's not that I hate Macs or anything but if I see one more Switch campaign ad I'm gonna seriously take a baseball bat to a TV ad exec's head. The worst character of them all is the blonde ditz with goofy smile exclaiming "I saved Christmas!" Grrr...
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After not watching almost any TV for quite some time I decided that commercials have, if anything, gotten almost qualitatively worse, or is it me?...
No, it's not you. They are getting worse much like television in general. Or course, we as consumers have yet to let the advertisers know we expect better of them. And if they aren't told they won't change.
We don't get the switch ads.

I've had a PC for seven years and I was a commodore freak before that.

And - um - I got an iMac. I still have my PC - but damn - I can understand evangelical mac users now.
Like I said, my comment wasn't about Macs themselves but rather those ads. Honestly though, if I were to switch to anything else than Windows it'd be to Linux on my Intel machine. *ponders* Actually, I did have Linux installed on my machine once before long ago to play around with. But at the time it didn't like my USB devices so I nixed it.