Vinny da Geek (desertwolf) wrote,
Vinny da Geek

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a gunthak moment

I was on my computer getting the next BBP gallery done with "Smallville" playing on the TV just to my left. After a while I noticed movement on my peripheral vision that was too high to be part of the action on TV. Turning my head I saw a big old huge spider crawling up my wall. I ran to get my flyswatter, crept in close to the bug and then proceded to whack the arachnid to a billion pieces.

Ok, I actually did what I just said I did but only after jumping out of my chair and back five feet away -- speaking subjectively of course -- making "ewww!" sounds. Well, at least I didn't scream like a girly-girl. :o) I hate spiders! Actually, I'm getting better about spiders. Years ago I wouldn't have gotten near it but would have instead sprayed it with bug killer from a goodly distance away. I was actually able to watch about 15 minutes on the Learning Channel today about arachnids before I had to change the channel due to the ick! factor.
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