doing my civic duty

Got back from voting about an half hour ago. The walk to the polling place, a 7th Day Adventist church, was short and uneventful. Again my choices were strictly based on party affiliation, even State Superindentent of Public Instruction which is supposed to be non-partisan but a quick glance at the candidates' websites made it clear who was what party. I didn't vote for any Court of Appeals nominations since there was absolutely no information available for any of them and I don't want to vote for an unknown. On a side note: there were two young guys working at the polling place, one of which bore a close resemblance to salvanos.
Thought it reminded me vaguely of an Alan Dean Foster novel title, though a quick check of a bibliography suggests that I'm mistaken, no such... Know eye not of what I speak, apparently.
Belated Happy Birthday wishes- hope it was a great one!!