we need one on the 9er's squad

Am I the last to know that there are actually a few male cheerleaders on some NFL squads? How could I have not known this?! Here's one of them:

James S. on the Baltimore Ravens squad

link snagged from Greg Eastebrook via ESPN Page 2
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Thanks for that link Steve! I like this one showing the guys on the squad. My only complaint would be that the guys ought to be as scantily clad as the girls. Not to mention shameless & gratuitous jiggle shots as well. Ok, they don't have boobies but they do have other parts that hang and wobble. Equal opportunity I say! :oÞ
Re: Ack.
Eh? What's wrong with guys in g-strings? Ok, since you don't like those I say let's just let them go around nekkid. *thinks about it and grins* Yeah!

Besides, if a certain squishy were to go around in a g-string I think a certain hamster would change her tune. ;o)
Re: Ack.
Eeeew. Eeew! Conversations with Eekers has confirmed the evilness of men in G-strings. Wouldn't want SO to be in G-strings...
Honey let me tell you...if I could get the job as a seamstree for the guys believe me there would be skin!!!
Somehow I envision lots of mesh material in all the right places. ;o) Hmm, I wonder if they need a fluffer? LOL
Neither one of those guys...although I'm sure they could use one. But then again...who doesn't want one from time to time.

I was thinking someone a little closer to you...hehehe**EG**