today's outing (long post but it's my journal damnit, so there)

After a shower, around 8:30am, I had a bowl of veggie soup before a trip to Victorville. I had to eat something or I'd get car sick. :o/ I thought Best Buy opened at 9am but it doesn't until 10am, so, mom and I headed nearby to the Mall where most of the store were still closed but I wanted to see which stores had closed for good and which ones were moving in. After that we went to Jack-In-The-Box for something to drink and fries to munch on. Got to Best Buy just as they opened and went immediately to the return counter to bring back that memory that almost fried my machine. Got a credit for that. Went to store section with the memory and handed the guy my motherboard manual so he could select the right memory. It turns out I was trying to use memory too fast for my 'puter. Uh, oopsy? ;o)

Picked up the Hot Date expansion pack for the Sims. I was debating between that one and the Unleashed pack but I figured being able to snuggle was better than being able to walk a dog. :oÞ At the register later it turns out that I got a mail-in $10 Best Buy gift certificate just for buying the program. Cool!

Also picked up a new MIDI creation program since I had lost, or more likely accidentally deleted, my last one *cough*trialprogramthatihacked*cough*. I don't tend to create midis from scratch but rather edit ones that I like but feel could be better.

I found Fragma's "Toca" CD there which is amazing 'cause they rarely have any music groups I like. It turns out the CD was an enhanced one with the videos to "Toca's Miracle", "Everytime You Need Me" and "You Are Alive" on it. Yeah baby! I had downloaded a mix of "You Are Alive" months ago and wasn't crazy about it at all. After hearing the original version I think whoever had done that mix ought to have been ashamed of himself for f*cking up the song like he did.

My mother picked up yet another program of casino games, which I had to install later of course. *sigh* From that store we headed to Lowes to look around. There's just something about hardware/home improvement superstores that makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.

Headed back to Barstow but dropped by the Factory Outlet Mall to say hi to my aunt working there (Ralph Lauren Polo). While there I bought a Perl reference book at the Book Warehouse -- a total impulse buy. Got home, dropped off the stuff we bought and loaded the car with aluminum cans and plastic bottles which we took to be recycled and headed from there to the library. *shakes head sadly* The place is complete crap now. When they got rid off all those sci-fi & fantasy books earlier this year they only bought a fraction of that number to replace them. And the ones they did buy aren't very interesting at all. Honestly, I don't see much reason to go back there any more. *shakes head sadly again*

From there was to the Chinese take-out place. Very yummy stuff. After that was back home to eat and then installing the new memory in my computer - with my fingers crossed for good luck. Everything worked just fine though. Whew! Installed Hot Date which took a while, having to swap CDs several times in order for it to get working with the Deluxe Edition. Watched the Fragma videos of which "Toca's Miracle" sucked. I mean, the band members playing an indoor soccer match against other girls? WTF?! The other two were good though.

Hmm, I still need to check out if the 49ers/Chargers game is going to be broadcast locally tomorrow so I can record it.
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I'm just getting started with The Sims, already I've had 2 burglaries and a fire (you'd be amazed what fire can do to a room score!
One of the very first things I learned about the Sims was to immediately get any new character I create to study Cooking twice. No more fires. :o) Also, a fire alarm and burglar alarm are a must - totally worth the money even for the poorest of guys.

Actually, the very first thing I learned about the Sims was the money cheat, or rather that the Deluxe Edition uses a different one that the original Sims. Oooh, did I just admit I cheat? Um, yeah. My bad? No. Daddy just doesn't like being poor, yo. Can ya dig it? ;o)
If you dont use the money cheat they have to go to work, and if they are at work all day you dont get to micromanage every second of their existence, by the time they have come in from work, showered, been to the bog and eaten they need to sleep and you never get the chance to socialise, learn stuff and play with toy trains... so I am at a loss how you can play without making them minted and unemployed,... plus they have far nicer houses if you get some cash to build with...... ;o)
I have asked Santa for Hot Date for Xmas.... * hopeful* :o)
Man...I ran out of air just reading your post.

Guess I'll have to add Sims to my Christmas wish list I'm fixin' to mail off to Santa.
Toca's Miracle
I couldn't get the videos on the enhanced cd to work. I was told none of the cd's work. How did yours?
Re: Toca's Miracle
When the CD is inserted into the computer it should automatically launch the program/menu which will play the videos. This is assuming you have a Windows machine with Autoplay enabled. The videos themselves are of Quicktime (.MOV) filetype so you'll need to have Quicktime installed too. Not necessarily the latest version since this was 2 years ago.

You can also explore the disk while it's in the CD drive and go to the \DATA\MEDIA subdirectory and just doubleclick on the videos directly. They should show in whatever the default player for MOVs is. Again, Apple's Quicktime would be best for this.