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don't need no stinkin' subject

Got a call from bulldawg today which brightened the day considerably. I love his voice. :o)

Putting up a big Xmas tree this year probably won't happen so I've got my little 2 foot one up in my room along with a few snowman/Xmas related figurines and candles.

The 49ers won their game today against the Seahawks but won it in a fashion that's become far too common for them. That being scoring a good lead only to let it fade in the 2nd half. They hung on for the win but they'll go absolutely nowhere in the postseason if they keep that up.

For dinner today was bacon cheeseburgers and fries. Yesterday was lasagna. There's still a little of that left in the fridge which I guarentee won't be there past tomorrow morning. ;o)

And oh, be glad you don't have this guy as your next door neighbor.
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