24 hour bug and early Xmas gift

I was completely, totally sick yesterday. I woke up nauseated, light-headed, with achy joints and a headache as well as my legs feeling like I just completed a marathon. Ugh, I couldn't even have a bowl of soup. I tried one spoonful of chicken soup and wanted to throw up. By late yesterday most of it was gone but I still had the headache and achy joints this morning. Right now I'm feeling back to (ab)normal.

My mother bought me my Xmas gift yesterday: a 120GB hard drive! Woohoo! No, I'm not going to open it until Xmas day. I can wait a week. :o)
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~~ KEWL ~~
120GB hard drive...do you know how much porn you can now put on your computer...hehehe I am sooooooooooo jealous!!!
Sneezing, have cold, sore throat, coughing. Can sympathize. *hugs him*

Two things appeal to Hamster when buying computer peripherals: speed, and POWER! Of course, in this day and age, those traits might've gone obsolete, but I always say, the bigger the number, the better. :P
Re: At-Choo!
"speed, and POWER!"

Heeeeey, are you sure you're of the female species? *peers through her monitor*