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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks Dr. Phil is full of crap. Honestly, I'd rather be forced to watch Howard Stern and Jerry Springer nude-wrestle each other while Judge Judy fellates both of them than watch one of his episodes. *shudders*
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Dr. Phil's 15 Minute Of Fame....
...expired about 2 months ago. I only caught his show once about a month ago and I totally agree with your sentiments. Guess we have Oprah to thank for this latest produce of TV over exposure.

btw...your graphic description between Howard, Jerry, and Judy was almost enough to make me loose my biscuits 'N Gravy I made this morning...hehehe
Re: Dr. Phil's 15 Minute Of Fame....
Oprah is, or rather was, another sore-point for me. Not so much her show in of itself but that whole booklist/me-too/dittohead thing she had going on with it.
It may be indicative of how stressed I am - but I was thinking it wasn't so bad until you Judge Judy doing the fellating...
Dr. Phil
ROFLMAO - Yes! - He works my nerves........damn near made me snort my coffee out my nose this morning!!!!
Re: Dr. Phil
YAY! More people agree!

BTW, could you send us some of your snow? We've got the cold but none of that powdery stuff. :o)
Would you believe????
.....it is 9:30 a.m. and it is 45 degrees out and RAINING.....and washing all that pretty snow away.......just a few nights we were down to zero........I hope we get some new snow for the holiDaZe......and I'll put in a request and see what I can do......
*blink* Sally Jesse Raphael had a radio show? Ewwww. Oh, I suppose I didn't hate her talk show but I wouldn't voluntarily watch it either. In truth, I wouldn't miss any talk shows at all if the whole lot of them were banned.

P.S. For heaven's sake keep posting those pictures of Parker!! He makes my "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" heart go all soft. He's such a cutie! The only thing cuter than a puppy is watching their births. It's such a magical experience.
Mad TV did a nice parody of him and Oprah..heh...

I don't like him... He's an f-tard...

Fellates - hehehe!
I love the word fellates. Fellatio is such a beautiful word. So um, yeah, Dr. Phil needs to get laid and start smoking weed. I can't stand him. I will never watch a full episode of Dr. Phil!!!!
Re: Fellates - hehehe!
Actually, it's easy to watch one of his shows... provided, of course, you make about 23 trips to the bathroom while it's on. ;o)
Re: Fellates - hehehe!
Heheheheh - that was funny!

Happy holidays!