a visitor at home

Got a visitor today, a middle-aged military official-type woman dressed very professionally, asking about a particular family who lived next door in #3. I recognized the name but couldn't remember the particular family. She had wanted to come inside and question me about them. I told her I really didn't remember them so I sent her off to the rental agency so she could find some information she wanted. Of course, immediately after she left I remembered them. They were a young couple with 2 kids. The wife was afro-American and in the military. The husband was Caucasian and cute in a lean kind of way. They were pretty nice and as far as I know left because they got base housing.
hummm....sounds like someone might now be a desserter from the military. What a colorful life you have in your little community...hehehe
Re: We be places that you need not be
She indeed had glasses and blonde hair, not too short but not long either. She didn't seem heavy to me but I suppose that's a subjunctive opinion. I wish I had remembered what I did when she appeared. My thinking is that the wife needs some kind of clearance and her past is being poked into.