Moo-ve over Fido: A New Pet's in Town

If he can breed them down to 30 inches high I might just look into getting one. Milk at the grocery stores around here is usually dated as good for a week or maybe a day or two beyond that, so having a mini-cow would rock. A source of fresh milk would be such a convenience. I mean, sure, there are cats but they can be so touchy about these things. Hmm, maybe it's my cold hands?

Joking!! I'm only joking!

I don't have cold hands. :oÞ
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Erm. Cow?
Cow? Does the article not note how smelly and eew cows can be, and what a minefield one's front lawn will be after keeping them? Although, a pet you can drink and eat...that's actually quite appealing. :)=