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I'm not dead, really, I just smell like it ;o)

New Year's Eve: After delaying a few days I finally bought my DVD player. I had a certain model in mind to buy but then I noticed a slightly better model had drop in price making it $10 more than the one I was going to get so I ended up getting the better one instead. I wanted to buy the first LOTR DVD but they were completely sold out, so, I bought "Blade 2" and "Phantoms". Blade 2 I loved; Phantoms was just ok, but then Ben Affleck was in it so that made it all better. For dinner that evening was fresh homemade menudo down my aunt and uncle's house. It's a yearly tradition for us and one I enjoy. I remember when I was younger I didn't care much for menudo. I loved the hominy but hated the texture of honeycomb tripe. Pigs feet just scared the shit out of me. Not now though. I pop a knuckle in my mouth and suck all the meat off that puppy. Later that night I uploaded gallery 85 to Bentboy's Place.

Thurday: Told the rental agency about the toilet running slow. It's always running slow. Also said if they were going to send someone over that they tell us beforehand so we could clean up a bit. They agreed, however...

Friday: I was awoken by Zeimmer Plumbing asking if they could come over in about 5 minutes. *sigh* So much for the warning. I threw on some clothes, patted down my hair so it looked less like a haystack but that's hard to do since I've got oily hair, cleaned up the bathroom quickly and then realized I had my pants on backwards. :oP Anyhow, the plumber came over and snaked, and snaked and snaked more. About 75 feet down the line from the toilet end, the closeout end and from the vent up on the roof. He found some roots but couldn't get everything so he's coming back on Monday to remove the toilet to get a better access. Whatever, I just want it to run normally for once. Right before eating dinner the doorbell buzzed and it was a UPS driver wanting to know if she's could leave a package for the guy in #3 with me. Hell yeah! Any excuse to see him face to face is wanted. He's soooo damn cute. There's just something about Army boys with hazel eyes. Mmmm. :oÞ
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