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dissension in the enemy ranks is always a good thing

An irked GOP caucus steps in - Racial overtones in a leadership fight may damage the party, legislators warn.

Embarrassed by the racial overtones of a fight to succeed California Republican Party Chairman Shawn Steel, GOP members of the state Assembly condemned the dispute and distanced themselves from the party insiders behind it. ...

"More than a decade of effort to expand the reach of the Republican Party's policies and messages into minorities is being seriously undermined," said the letter from the caucus. ...

Back was considered the front-runner to replace Steel at the upcoming state party convention. But days after Trent Lott was forced to resign last month as U.S. Senate majority leader for making racially insensitive remarks, Back's opponents began circulating a newsletter from 1999 that they said called Back's racial sensitivity into question. Back had included in the newsletter an essay written by a conservative theorist who argued that Reconstruction, not slavery, bred long-standing problems between blacks and whites in the South.

Full article here in the Sacramento Bee.
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