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I don't watch much daytime TV other than PTI on ESPN (to be honest, although I had enjoyed seeing both guys on the Sports Reporters show I didn't think the PTI concept was interesting. I was wrong.) and the Golden Girls on Lifetime. It's the evening hours when I tune in. I recently realize that the WB by far draws my interest the most. Now, on CBS I watch both of the CSI series. On NBC I still tune into the original Law & Order series. Neither ABC nor UPN have anything of interest for me. Not at least something to watch on a regular basis.

The WB on the other hand has several series that I tune in regularly: Gilmore Girls, Everwood, Reba, Charmed, and 7th Heaven (I can't believe I'm admitting this one publicly). Occasionally I'll watch Smallville or Angel as well. Past series I loved on the the WB included Popular and Savannah (anything with George Eads [yum!] and Jamie Luner gets my nod).
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I was very disappointed with the entire concept of doing a prequel series rather than moving on to the future. I watched the first episodes and didn't like it at all (btw, who in the hell chose that theme song anyway? S/He ought to be shot.) I came back later to see if maybe it got better after a while but it didn't. Honestly, Rick Berman ought to be forbidden from doing anything Star Trek related.
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I'll grant you, the theme songs sucks wind, but character developement is good. The Doctor is totally bizarre, but pretty cool. It's a shame you can't appreciate Jolene Blalock, but we have radically different ideas on eye candy.*G*
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While I can't truly appreciate the physical beauty of Blalock I can appreciate Connor Trinneer (Trip.) *makes Homer Simpson-like "Mmmm..." sounds*