We just had an earthquake here a few minutes ago around 4:20AM. A minor one, or at least that's how it felt here, with just enough strength to make my bedroom door swing a little and my monitor bob side to side. Although there's a faultline nearby northeast of Barstow I have a feeling this quake was based around the Big Bear area.

Update: checking the up-to-the-minute SoCal Earthquake Map it looks like I was right about the area with a magnitude somewhere between 5 and 6.
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Even "little' quakes can be nerve racking.
Last summer we had a series of small quakes in eastern WA state, a couple of them made me nervous.
Re: Even "little' quakes can be nerve racking.
There's been only one quake where I had gotten nervous enough I almost left the apartment. Other than that one I suppose I've gotten pretty jaded about quakes in general.