Vinny da Geek (desertwolf) wrote,
Vinny da Geek

*jumps off the cliff with the other lemmings*

First name: Vincent
Middle name: Gilbert
Last name: Gonzales
Age: 33
Birth Date: 11/8/1969
City of Birth: Merced, CA. USA
Height: 5'10"
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown/Black
Shoe size: 11.5"W

Do you drink alcohol: Very rarely.
Do you smoke: Nope.
Do you take drugs: Nope.
Do you bite your nails: Negative.
Do you curse: No more so than Ozzy Osbourne does. "Bloody f*cking... Sharon!!"

How many times have you been in love: Dunno, love is a rare thing. I'm more experienced in lust truthfully.
Are you in love now: Not at this time.
Do you get asked out a lot: LOL That's a big fat negative.
Do others find you attractive: How would I know? I'm psychotic, not psychic. LOL
Feature you're most complimented on: That makes the assumption I get compliments, doesn't it?
Gay or Bi? Queerer than a 3 dollar bill.
Top, bottom, etc: Bottom
Oral sex, more of a giver or receiver? Giver.
Like Kissing: Heck yeah.
Like Cuddling: Heck yeah.
Like to rim: If it happens it's a spur of a moment type thing.
Into S&M: Uh, no.
Dominant or Submissive: Not into either role honestly.
Like to spank/be spanked: Hasn't happened as yet so I can't really say.
Any other fetishes: Nope.
What turns you on more, intelligence or looks? Intelligence. Looks might be nice for a while but smarts count more for a LTR.
What turns you on more than anything? Someone funny who doesn't have a problem laughing at himself.
Last time you had sex: Uh... so, how's the weather over there? :o)
Was it good: Yes.
The magic number? "ThreeEeeEee is a magic number."

Ever dressed in drag? LOL No. Very no.
Do you have a certain scene? I'm not into scenes.
Do you watch Will and Grace: I used to but the writing isn't what it used to be.
Do you watch Queer as Folk? No, and I don't care to thank you.
Do you like Margaret Cho? Hell yeah.
Ever been to a Cher concert? No, but I wish I had.
Ever been to a Madonna concert? No, but I wish I had.
Ever been to a Barbara concert? LOL Uh, no. Not interested.
Ever been to a Liza concert? See the above question.
Do you own a dvd or vhs copy of the film, "Trick"? Nope, I don't.
Ever had sex with someone from the opposite sex? *shudders* Are you trying to make me throw up?
Go to clubs often: No, I can count the number of times I've been to clubs using my fingers.
Ever been the victim of a hate crime? No, thankfully.
Do you want kids: No. I daycared off and on for my cousin's son for his first years of life. That satisfied any paternal instincts I had.
Do you care about fashion? If you count jeans, tshirts and sneakers as fashionable, then yes.
Do you think you are "all that"? But of course dahrlin' *kiss kiss* ;o)

Date you joined? 2001-02-02 02:20:17
Number of journal entries? 567
Number of comments posted? 1,122
Number of comments you have received? 1,098
Number of people on your friends list: 27 people, 3 comics, 3 communities
Person that introduced you to LJ? Either ebby or mokie. I can't remember which I read first.
Still friends with this person? Both of them, yes. Though Mokie is MIA at this moment.
How many people have you introduced to Live Journal? None that I can think of.
List everyone on your friends list you have met in person: Just pit6steve so far.
Anyone on LJ you can't stand? I can think of several homophobic, racist, right-wing nuts.
Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet? vampyrichamster since we've known each other since '98.
Last person you added? richie73
Ever banned someone from commenting in your journal? No, not yet.
Biggest pet peeve about LJ: Waiting forever for S2 to be implemented.
Do you feel close to most of the people on your friends list? I'd like to think so.
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