our ally, Turkey

Note: The following quote is mute now as Turkey's parliament wasn't able to muster enough votes but it goes to show how much of our, your, money would have gone to bribe Turkey (a country with an estimated 95% anti-Iraqi war sentiment) into the forthcoming war on Iraq.

"Let's break this down in terms of households. Under Washington's plan, the average American taxpayer is planning on giving Turkey $83.33 up front, and cosigning a loan for $277.78 to a country with a credit rating as bad as your constantly broke brother-in-law's. Turkey is insisting on getting $138.89 out of each American taxpaying household, and having you cosign a loan for $305.56." - from Pedantry

The question I'm wondering now is, after touting Turkey as a key ally, how will the Bush government treat Turkey after not getting it's way?
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I think it's great.
As a former member of the armed forces, I hate to see them misused, and if anything, Bush's proposed war is misuse in the extreme. Turkey actually had the balls to call him on the real reason for the war, namely oil. They're just being honest about wanting their cut, in my opinion.
Re: I think it's great.
Indeed. I always chuckle of the term "Coalition of the Willing" being used by the news. I think "Coalition of Nations Accepting Bribes" to be far more appropriate. Given now Turkey's stance it means the U.S. forces will have to reach the north by coming from the south which means lots of more chances of casualties. That's bad but it might force the U.S. to rethink things which is a good thing.