forgetting lyrics

I'm on the computer last night with Grease playing on the TV via TCM. I'm singing along with the movie just fine until the very last song which I can never remember all the words to. When it gets to the words I don't know I sing "la la" in tune with the melody.

What do you do when you're singing a song and can't remember the lyrics?

Stop singing all together
Hum or whistle along
Sing along using generic syllables like "la la"
Sing the lyrics you think might be right but probably aren't
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i actually make stuff up....
usuallyt ends up being nonsense, but i will sing whatever is on my mind at that second...
That helps if your singing in groups where all of you can laugh at each other playfully. A friend and I were on the highway for a hours drive where we tried to pass the time singing Madonna songs. Neither of us could complete a whole song in all that time. it was rather funny.
lol yeah...
you remember tom's diner by suzanne vega?
that was the ultimate make shit up song...