Does anyone know of any documented surveys of what percentage of the general population is left-handed? I had heard of some stories that in the past (back in the 1950-60s) kids would have their hands whacked with rulers to force them to use their right hands. I myself am left-handed. I remember when I took accounting in high school my teacher would not allow me to use my left hand to use the printing calculator. I HAD to use my right hand. She could give me no real reason why, just because "that's the way things are done." I won't rant on how just about every tool made is designed for right-handed people. Just another minority I belong to I guess. ;o)

Satisfy my curiosity, which hand you write with?

Right-handed (your average person)
Left-handed (the creative, super-geniuses. I am not biased. heh)

I didn't include an option for ambidextrousness. I figure everyone has a dominant hand.
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As a child, I began writing with my left hand and my grandparents warned my parent that being left handed was not good for my future. So they did what they could to make shure I wrote right handed.

I can now right with both hands...but I prefer being right handed. Other personal and treasured moments, it's all about the left hand! *WINK*