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Finally, there will be a reason to watch Stargate SG-1 again. Dr. Daniel Jackson, played by the yummy Michael Shanks, will be back on the team next season! Woohoo! I have nothing against the replacement, Corin Nemec. It's just that his character wasn't as interesting.

The Farscape series finally ended tonight. I was never really a fan of that show truthfully. Lots of people are angry at the way it ended. That's understandable considering the episode was meant to be a season's finale leading into a 5th season. But the series was axed after filming the show, and Sci-Fi chose not to finish it. I suppose that way sometime in the future they could do a movie or special feature of it.

Earlier this week was the Children of Dune mini-series which I did enjoy though I had my reservations. One thing I didn't like was how they changed Alia's death from her throwing herself off a window to stabbing herself. There wasn't any reason for the change I could think of, so why do it? The actress playing Lady Jessica looked so familiar to me but I couldn't quite place where I'd seen her before. That is until in one scene she turned her head and I thought, "it's the Borg Queen!" It was odd seeing her with hair and normal skin tones.
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