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Finally, there will be a reason to watch Stargate SG-1 again. Dr. Daniel Jackson, played by the yummy Michael Shanks, will be back on the team next season! Woohoo! I have nothing against the replacement, Corin Nemec. It's just that his character wasn't as interesting.

The Farscape series finally ended tonight. I was never really a fan of that show truthfully. Lots of people are angry at the way it ended. That's understandable considering the episode was meant to be a season's finale leading into a 5th season. But the series was axed after filming the show, and Sci-Fi chose not to finish it. I suppose that way sometime in the future they could do a movie or special feature of it.

Earlier this week was the Children of Dune mini-series which I did enjoy though I had my reservations. One thing I didn't like was how they changed Alia's death from her throwing herself off a window to stabbing herself. There wasn't any reason for the change I could think of, so why do it? The actress playing Lady Jessica looked so familiar to me but I couldn't quite place where I'd seen her before. That is until in one scene she turned her head and I thought, "it's the Borg Queen!" It was odd seeing her with hair and normal skin tones.
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Ahhhhh...Michael Shanks....*drool*, what top news! :o)

hum, the end of farscape was lame.... well kinda lame, had that " we are axing the show" feeling to it... i enjoyed farscape aswell...:o/
Children of Dune!
The book that was better than the first two Dunes, and the other (two?) Dunes that came after it. Never got to the book after God Emperor...no, wait, I did. Can't remember the title. That book with the young Duncan Idaho sex scene...yeah, that's why I stopped reading Dune. The lastest book I didn't read was 'House' something...

Gah. Anyways. Children of Dune! Alia! Favorite character. Wish mini-series come here! Hate way Alia had to go and die, but coolness!

S'all I wanted to say. ;)
Re: Children of Dune!
Heretics of Dune and Chapterhouse: Dune came after God Emperor. I devoured them. Quite frankly, I didn't think that Dune Messiah(#2) and Children of Dune(#3) were up to the original Dune standards although #3 was much better than #2. I had a signed first edition of God Emperor, and I will break every bone in the body of the thief if I ever see the bastard again, because he also took signed first editions of McCaffrey's White Dragon and Heinlein's Friday.
Re: Children of Dune!
Aha! I read up to Heretics of Dune then. Thank you! :)

I think everything went to hell after Children of Dune... the whole Dune plottage became one very long excuse to keep resurrecting Duncan Idaho. Eh, you got quite the thief with taste there, I must say. :)