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absolutely pathetic

"Besides Oklahoma, Memphis and Utah State also have 0 percent [graduation] rates. Other NCAA Tournament men's teams that might be in trouble if the system was in place today include Louisville and Missouri (each at 10 percent), Alabama and Colorado (13 percent), Arizona and Cal (15 percent), LSU and Cincinnati (17 percent), Utah (20 percent), and last year's national champion, Maryland (14 percent).

Of this year's Final Four teams in New Orleans, only two teams graduated more than half of their players: Marquette (69 percent) and Kansas (70 percent). Texas has a 38 percent graduation rate, while Syracuse has the lowest rate, at 25 percent." - Tom Farrey

There's no other way to describe those graduation rates. Anything less than 50%, in my opinion, should call for the denial of that program to compete in any post-season type play plus forfeiture of all scholarships. With rates that low, it's obvious academic learning isn't happening. Hopefully, some type of punishment system for low rates will be inacted soon.
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