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idea blantantly stolen from the_phred

My favorite picks of my friends' icons

gatallguy Hello there handsome fella.

art Gotta go with the Green Acres one. Lisa was the bomb.

baronkarza Devilishly handsome dog and his master. Sadly, Woody has passed away.

basskitkays YAY for tender moments.

bigbear4xl I love that smile.

brillig01 Another LJer missing in action.

ebby Blond ebby is a cute ebby.

eekers Penguins are cute. I liked the blue-tinted face shot she had when she first joined.

flamingkitties The classic B&W face shot.

gizzard Heh, I remember seeing this one the FC boards. I said it made him look like one of the Hanson sisters brothers.

gunthak I've always liked that pose. To bad he hasn't posted in quite a while. :o(

hysterium Finally, he showed himself. Don't know why he didn't before.

insomnia Another fashionable B&W face shot

kjaz Cute doggie animation. Now, he just needs one of the real Parker.

malver Rabbits are cute (unless it's from Sluggy Freelance). I almost chose the "hit by a tonne of world" one.

markfinn Only one he has uploaded.

mokie I like the DuJour cartoon she has also but her real face wins out. I miss mokie!

nadd_badger The bunny pics are always a favorite.

pit6steve Cute aliens are a good thing.

richie73 Good looking guys = sure pick

sadguitar138 Belly picture!

stevenh This picture is the one I'll always associate with his username.

the_metatron A newer picture. Quite a handsome shot.

the_phred Abstractily pointy. Kind of nice. I liked the flower set he used beforehand better though.

vampyrichamster The animation is nice, but she needs to use a picture of herself. Are you listening Afi? :o)

xavierism I'm tempted to choose the cock ring one but the beanie is just so cute.
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