I <3 the 80s

As often as I criticize MTV and VH1 for abandoning videos in exchange for sub-par cheap programming (less so with VH1 though) I have to give props to VH1 for their "I Love the 80s" shows. Brings back so many memories. So many fashion and hairstyle mistakes. TV shows you have to believe the TV execs were on crack when they decided on producing them (like Alf who shouldn't still be on TV hawking telephone plans.) But then comes the music I remember growing up. From Dead Or Alive to Poison to Salt N Pepa. I had completely forgotten about Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam but as soon as I heard some of their songs I just had to downloaded them. *points down to the current music* Good stuff.
  • Current Music: Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam - "Lost In Emotion"
so very with you
oh yes, the 80's!!!

i found the shows when they were doing '82 and didnt leave my seat until after '87 (graduation year) when i finally had to move lest i become one with the couch. such a diverse decade to be the one of most impact on our viewpoints. now i want them to put them on DVD. i would buy 'em.

- an 80's kid, like, ya know

btw, didnt Lisa Lisa look damn good!?!
Re: so very with you
Yeah, like, totally, I know. For sure. ;o)

Lisa does look fabulous considering how long it's been now. 15/16 years? I keep forgetting we're months apart in age. At our prom I don't remember much of what music was played but I do remember some Bon Jovi and Taylor Dayne.

Damn, I'm fighting the urge to not go through my yearbooks. *squirms* Oh, the hell with it. *goes to dig them out*