well, at least I was up

I stood offline for most of yesterday waiting for Sears to call to say what time they were coming, but, they never did. I woke up 2 minutes before 8am, turned on the 'puter, did my business in the bathroom and went online to check my emails real quick...


Guess who was at my door? *nods* The repairman. My hair was still awry and I was dressed in sweats. I had figured we'd be towards the last of the list since they guys are coming over from Victorville to here in Barstow (30 miles away.) He's a nice older gentleman. Salt & pepper hair, thin, dressed in brown and black colours. I explained about the defrosting and the popping noises coming from the freezer. After a few minutes of poking around he figured out the cause: the fan wasn't working correctly. Sure enough, he took a screwdriver and started to rotate the fan and it started right up again. He explained without the fan working the food was only getting cold from the side panels which wasn't enough to keep the food from being thawed, so, he's replacing the fan as I type this. I'm glad it's something simple and easily fixable.
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To bad life isn't as easy to fix as the fan in your freezer. Damn...that sentence souns like I've been hitting the jack daniels again...hehehe

Let's try this one...betcha you look hot in your seats. Now I feel better!!!