watching the college hopefuls

I watched most of the NFL draft yesterday but I got bored a little after the 3rd round started. Loved the hijinks when the Vikings let their 1st round pick slide a few spots. Anyways, rounds 4 through 7 are about to begin... *turns on TV* The 49ers picked up an offensive tackle, a defensive end, and a nose tackle. Nothing exciting but it fills ours needs. I do think we should pick up a late-round QB though. Rattay in the backup position has done an OK job, but just that. We need some depth there.

btw, I declare Kyle Boller, QB picked by Baltimore, to be the cutest guy in the draft. :oD

No cooking yesterday. Dinner was fried chicken, potato wedges, and maccaroni and cheese from the deli section at Vons.
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