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S2, DVDs, and Robbie

I've been looking over S2, the next generation LJ style system. While S1 is a pretty much a template system, S2 is a specialized OOP language. Very interesting. I'm looking over some ported styles to get the gist of it but I'll wait for more documentation to get written and bugs to be corrected before I do a style in it.

Monday was a trip to Wal*Mart to look for some herbs to plant in pots outside but the pickings were rather wilted so I ended up getting 2 DVDs instead: the Matrix and the Transporter. I'll keep the VHS of the Matrix since it has Spanish subtitles on it which is cool.

I was clicking around the channels when I came across Cribs on MTV. Robbie Williams was showing off his home. *drools@Robbie* I've decided my new dream job is to be his houseboy. I'll even be his pet. Heck, I'll bring my own collar and leash. *nods*
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