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bug bigotry

"Did you ever notice we have bug predjudice? Why is it that we'll touch or catch certain bugs and play with them, but others we'll go out of our way to avoid or stomp on because they skeeve you out? I mean after all, bugs are bugs. I like caterpillars, yet those icky thousand leggers that you catch darting across your wall on occasion will make you jump sky high and then not sleep if you know it's still lurking about your room. Lady bugs, lightning bugs, we like them. Spiders, ants, beetles, we think they're icky and gross." - from Pizza Dreams

Indeed, there is a big double standard and I'm highly guilty of it. Spiders, ants, flies, and cockroaches warrant death upon first sight -- unless it's a reeeeeally big spider in which case I run around in circles screaming like a little grrrl... then I eventually go get the bug spray which I fire from 6 feet away. :oP Yet ladybugs, caterpillars and butterflies I try to coax unto my hand and then watch them crawl all over myself.
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I'm with you...the only good bug is a dead bug!!! Lets not forget about the cute little fire flies (the small flies whose tail would light up). I remember visiting my cousins in Georgia as a kid. That was before our family moved there. We would love to watch the big hung bulls fuck in the day time and at night we would catch the fire flies and put them in a jar. Mine would always die as they forgot to tell me to put holes in the lid of the jar...rofl
I did the same regarding bugs in jars. In my case I'd capture catepillars to see if I could watch them turn into butterflies. That never worked however.
Bugs are not cute. They have never been cute. Bugs are evil little cretins, although they do good things for the earth and we're not supposed to kill them and stuff like that. I usually up and run around in circles like a lil girl when approached by cockroaches...and spiders. Always give lots of room to spiders. Heck, I've been known to fear butterflies. Did I say bugs were not cute yet?
Although they may serve an important purpose for the earth, they are also hyper-plentiful so massive destructions of them via my shoe are no big deal im my opinion. ;o)
Re: and the opposition:
Heh. Actually, the house I lived in the most was in a new subdivision when we moved there when I was 5. The backyard, though fenced in, was still native field which is why I got to see so many bugs. The number of crickets and ladybugs back there were amazing but I didn't complain 'cause I like them. On the other hand, out by the piles of wood for use in the fireplace we had nasty black widows. *shudders* Ugh! I stayed away from there whenever possible.
Die, spider! Die!!!
I used to live and let live. Then a spider bit me on the eyelid. Just as I got to the point where if it was outside when I saw it, I could let it live, another spider bit me and I got cellucitus from it. (Excruciatingly painful!) I will use anything that comes to hand when a spider gets into my line of sight, be it newspaper, a flyswatter, my bare hands or a grenade. As for other arachnids, I drop rocks on scorpions. Big ones.

PS Dark sent me an invite for LJ so this'll prolly be one of my last "Anonymous" comments.
Re: Die, spider! Die!!!
You know, I have yet to see a scorpion over here though spiders are plentiful unfortunately. I saw tiny one crawl across the wall above and behind my desk tonight. I took me all of 5 seconds to get a tissue and squash the SOB quick.