*coughness* Well and good man (bloody creative swear words too), but how do we pronounce the damn things? *attemps to reconcile tea with widow's piss* Goodness me!
Erm, can't help you there with pronunciations. Then again, unless you're actually going to call the old sod, you need only be able to type the words. ;o)
Gizz would be able to pronounce them all, infact he would even look through and spot spelling mistakes. he's like that, he is ;o)
Heh. I wouldn't doubt that one bit. Then again, I was going to say you might also know the words. After all, you are the nearly Welsh girl. ;o)
eekers has welsh neighbours - she talks to them daily. and she likes it :o)

You bastards :o) Hello, i'm back online!
No you're not. You're just a figment of Eekers' imagination.

Did you actually live in Wales or did your family move there later?