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bugging me

Whilst sitting on the throne in the bathroom doing my business -- and a crossword puzzle -- I glanced forward to see an ant crawling around the wall. It headed right, stopped, went down, stopped, went left then up then back down. I'm tempted to say it had to be a female ant. ;o) When I was able to move I got up and squished it with my ponderous index finger.

Later, I was laying on my bed, tummy side down, re-reading the Color of Chaos. It was with just a few pages left when I saw movement at the edge of my vision. A spider. At the top edge of the book heading towards me. It took perhaps a tenth of a second for me to slam the book thus squishing said spider. I'm quite surprised I didn't jump out of the bed and onto my chair.

I'm am now, of course, paranoid that there are other bugs around waiting to crawl on me once I decide to go to sleep. Ants are a big trigger of that. After an ant encounter I get phantom sensations of an ant crawling up my leg even though there's nothing there. And it doesn't go away for hours. Ugh.
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I'm with you on the bug thingy...when I see an ant I will continue to scratch my arm and legs as if one is crawling on me. I have this very bad ant problem. It's not your regular looking ant or fire ant...but these little pesty black ants that they call sugar ants. They seem to like the environment around here. I finally got the yard sprayed yesterday and an exterminator is coming first thing Monday morning.
You know, I don't think I've seen any ants other than the typical black and red ants over here, or up in the Central Valley. Maybe I'm just lucky. I mean, these regular ones bug me [ha!] as it is, I don't need to be paranoid about more types. *checks his legs*