dream fragments

I haven't been remembering any of my dreams for quite a while now. I do recall some fragments from last night though. In one scene my mom gave me lots of present for no apparent reason, meaning not a holiday, and it turned out they all were power tools. w00t! Another scene I was in a office at some winter resort designing a water slide a la Rollercoaster Tycoon. Better yet, I got to ride it when it was finished. Very exhilarating! Another scene I was walking down this street and passed a parked car. Inside the car was a Japanese man in his 50s yelling at his early 20s daughter. I stopped for bit and saw as the girl broke down and cried. There's a gap in my memory here but I do remember later that the girl and I were running through the back streets of a large city (NYC maybe?) fleeing from pursuers with guns. The last scene I remember was being on a starship, somewhat like the Enterprise, in the middle of a war. We won the battle we were in at the time but when we got back to Earth we found out that almost all of the fleet was decimated. So much so that my captain was informed he was a high admiral now, simply because there wasn't anyone left with his experience any longer.
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I'm kinda glad that I don't remember my dreams. I'm not sure if mine are as wild and adventurous as yours since I lead such a boring life.
It probably comes from watching and reading so many sci-fi and fantasy novels.

The part with me and the girl on the run though is a bit humourous. There's no way in hell I could even do so much running without collapsing out of breath every other block or so.

Boring life?? I've never had that much fun at McDonalds like you have. LOL