death row rows

A $220 million expansion of San Quentin's Death Row has become a major sticking point in legislative negotiations over a state budget. [...]

Adding to the friction, the Assembly's budget plan proposes building a bigger Death Row at Folsom. This proposal is opposed by the Assembly's GOP leader, whose support is necessary to pass a budget. [...]

Prison officials complain that Death Row's design is outdated and dangerous for guards. Prison advocacy groups contend that medical and mental health sites are woefully inadequate.

"The current housing units are inhumane, dilapidated and old," said Don Specter, director of the Prison Law Office, which has a long-standing lawsuit against the state prison system over Death Row conditions.

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There's a simple solution to all of this: abolish the death penalty. :o)
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Either that...
...or speed up the appeals process. I'm feeling anti-social today, and a lot of those bastards are IMHO, polluting the air by continuing to breathe.(Child molesters are at the top of my list, they can't be helped, so put 'em down like the rabid dogs they are. If we could cure them, it would be one thing, but if they're dead, one thing is certain, they'll never traumatize another child.)
Re: Either that...
If I wasn't so opposed to the death penalty I'd push for the current White House junta to be put at the top of the list. Starting with Ashcroft.
Re: Either that...
I think you know my opinion of that a--hole. Joseph McCarthy may be dead, but he had a big fan in Ashcroft.