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heh, yeah, spilt coffee *wink and nudge*

Dallas (AP) - Southwest Airlines has fired two pilots who reportedly took off all or part of their clothes in the cockpit while in flight, then summoned a flight attendant to bring them paper towels and soda water.

"We conducted a thorough investigation and terminated the two pilots involved for inappropriate conduct," Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Ginger Hardage said Friday.

The pilots may appeal their firing. They argued that one of them removed his uniform after spilling coffee, and that the flight attendant saw them when she complied with their request to bring paper towels to the cockpit.

It was unclear why the second pilot was believed to have removed his clothes.

The names of the male pilots weren't divulged. They were dismissed earlier this month, but the incident, first reported in Friday's editions of USA Today, happened months ago. -- Associated Press
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