brought to you by the Latter-Day Saints

Just got visited by two Mormons. Nice young ladies actually. The main speaker looked quite a lot like Julie, the Mormon, from the cast of Real World New Orleans. The second girl looked of Indian heritage. Normally I'd just say "no thank you" and close the door but this time I chatted just a bit with them. Their message this time was a very soft sell. After a while we said our goodbyes and they left.

One thing I've noticed: when I first moved here back in '89 all the Mormons going door to door where young men in their slacks, white shirts and black ties. I have to say, I enjoyed that for rather dubious reasons. Ok, so I liked to ogle them. But in the last 5-6 years I haven't seen any at all. Since then it's been gaggles of young women, or mixed groups of older (40+) members. Was there an official change of tactics or is it just a peculiarity around here?
I think they're sending all the young men in slacks, white shirts and black ties out here.
The young women come in sedan cars. The older folk come in big groups via minivans, then split up and go on the hunt. So to speak.
Given my patchy knowledge of Mormons, I'm probably not qualified to answer but... I seem to recall the widespread publicity of Mormon polygamous marriages over there? Actually very bad press, and the marriages were lambasted because of the exploitation of the women in them? Maybe, living in a particular liberal state, the change of tactics is to try and lure people to the dark side by saying: "Look! Our women are fine!"

I know that's what Islamic conservative talk shows over here do when they talk about sensitive, gender-related subjects. There's one talk show here I know that's been talking about all the prettier sides of not-abortion, arranged marriages, not-divorcing and polygamous marriages using almost completely women panellists, from the Islamic point of view, almost all faithful women in full headscarves, except the presenter who never wears a headscarf, and token males. So maybe that is the tactic, on a larger scale?
Ah, the polygamous marriages were banned long ago. There's still some holdouts though in those types of relationships, but the Church firmly expresses it's disapproval of it.

I'm not sure why the shift in choosing a different type of messengers since as kjaz says in a post above others still get the guys on bikes.

I will say this though, both girls admitted they weren't from Barstow originally. I think they're here in the middle of nowhere as sort of a missionary trial. Deity knows there's plenty of strange people in town in need of "saving" I suppose. And no, that doesn't include me. I'm not strange, I'm freakin' weird. There's a subtle different ya know. ;o)

Hmm. Yes. Out of town missionaries, on a...mission. Trial by fire maybe. Though I can't imagine you being converted by anyone. The SO gets Mormons in his area who help him mow the lawn. ;)

Weird is an art form. It is a very maligned art form, but it's an art form nonetheless.
I got more Mormons in Chicago than Spokane, which seems kind of odd to me, since Utah is supposed to be their stronghold. Jehovah's Witlesses, those I get in plenty.
So far no Mormons have hit my place. I did have a small chat with the minister and his wife of the closest Southern Baptist church.

I do miss driving around Vegas seeing all the young "boys" with their black pants, white shirt, black tie, and backpacks riding their bikes around the different neighborhoods.