better late than never I suppose

On Richard Chamberlain coming out of the closet...

Morrison: "Part of what you've done in this book is that you have essentially brought yourself out of the closet after many years."
Chamberlain: "Yes."
Morrison: "Why now?"
Chamberlain: "I'm not a romantic leading man anymore so I don't need to nurture that public image anymore. The major reason is I have something to say about it now. You come up to me and say I'm straight.' That tells me almost nothing about you. It doesn't tell me whether you're a good person or a bad person, it doesn't tell me anything about hardly anything, except that if you're sleeping with somebody, it's probably a female. It's the same with gay. It tells you almost nothing about the person."

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Who says that a gay man can't play a romantic male lead? I remember women swooning over him when "the Thorn Birds" came out. I thought he was rather handsome myself as well.
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Nothing says a gay man can't play a romantic (straight) male lead except Hollywood, especially at the time he was doing them. Who knows though, times and people change, when I was a kid, homosexuality was treated as a mental illness, not an orientation.