*sigh* fortunecity.co.uk appears to be completely dead, so, I've uploaded Bentboy's Place to my old abandoned MIDI account at fortunecity.com That'll be the new permanent address: http://members.fortunecity.com/dwmidis/

Note to self: set VCR for tonight's 2 hour season premiere of Stargate SG-1. Note also not to drool too much over Michael Shanks.

Just tried Pepsi Blue for the first time. Me likey.

*hares off to websites to catch up on what the lying, smirking dry-drunk in the Oval Office is up to now*
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As if fcuk could have possibly survived without me at the helm? ;o)
FCUK is back up again actually and oddly, the relatively recent redesign is gone and has been replaced by the previous one. And believe it or not, FTPing files is actually faster now. *wobbles head in confusion* But still, I'll mirror the site on both accounts for a while to see if FCUK is stable long-term. Besides, I have only 3 more updates before I shut down my site.
does it still have my little "welcome to fortunecity uk, the best uk community!" blurb when you FTP? Aside from some bits of the FAQ, that's the last bit of text on there that I contributed, it will be a sad day when it goes.... alas when they disabled all of the minister URLs, that's when I moved out...

they are always doing redesigns then rolling them back - the NY office still think all FC's work the same and have the same backend structure which is completely not the case as they were designed by different people and set up by different techs, and they consistently roll out new FC.com sites all over the international ones before realising that they are riddled with errors, then rolling back to the old design and leaving it for a few months because they can't be arsed, as most make no money anymore (cause they sacked everyone). It's only fc.com and fc.de that will continue to be 'supported', and by supported I mean that term very loosely!

Cor... after all this time i'm still sounding quite bitter aren't I? :o)