squeek, go for the eyes, boo

lemmingness from bigbear4xl

1. Male or Female
2. Single or Partnered
3. Pizza or Burgers
4. Eminem or Marilyn Manson -- where's the option to poke my eyes out?
5. Ryan Adams or Bryan Adams
6. Bruce Willis or Tom Cruise
7. Smallville or Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
8. Enterprise or Star Trek: Next Generation
9. Scooby Doo or Flinstones
10. Comic Books or Manga
11. Justice League of America or The Avengers
12. Amazing Spider-man or Ultimate Spider-man -- totally not interested
13. VH1 or MTV
14. Tori Amos or Michelle Branch
15. Furry(Bearded) or Smooth(Clean-shaven)
16. Sprite or 7-Up
17. Farscape or Stargate SG-1
18. Import or Domestic Beer -- neither, I don't like beer
19. Led Zeppelin or Aerosmith
20. Paper or Plastic
21. George or Kramer -- *shudders* neither
22. Expanding or Steady State Universe
23. Elvis Impersonators or John Goodman movies
24. smart cards or flash cards
25. Chubby or Skinny
26. Hot or Mild
27. Dawn of the Dead or Day of the Dead
28. Mutton Chops or "Chop-stashe"
29. Zippo or Bic
30. Jif or Skippy
31. Smooth or Crunchy
32. Football or Baseball
33. Vanilla or Chocolate
34. Nightwing or Robin
35. Rocky Horror Picture Show or This Is Spinal Tap
36. Letterbox or Pan and Scan
37. Coke or Pepsi
38. Real World or the Matrix
39. Ross or Joey
40. Mustard or Mayonnaise
41. Sex Pistols or The Ramones
42. Soccer or Rugby
43. Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams
44. Allergies or the flu
45. John Cusack or Tim Robbins
46. The Rolling Stones or The Beatles -- never cared much for the Beatles
47. Gollum or Yoda
48. Blondes or Brunettes
49. Ponch or Jon
50. Bo Duke or Luke Duke -- John Schneider is the reason why I watch Smallville :o)
51. Howard Stern or Don Imus -- poke my eyes out, please
52. Steak or Chicken
53. Batman or Superman
54. Dragonlance or Forgotten Realms
55. Duran Duran or Depeche Mode
56. Frodo Baggins or Samwise Gamghee
57. Star Wars or Star Trek
58. PC or Mac
59. George Lucas or Steven Speilberg
60. Left handed or Right handed
61. Day Person or Night Person
62. The Food Network or The Discovery Channel
63. Clive Barker or Stephen King
64. CNN or Fox News
65. Magic Johnson or Larry Bird
66. Cats or Dogs
67. Math or English
68. White Bread or Wheat Bread
69. Writer or Artist
70. Vegetarian Pizza or Meat-Lover's Pizza
71. Michael Jordan or Shaquille O'Neal
72. Anime or Cartoons
73. Siskel or Ebert
74) Simpsons or Futurama
75. DC or Marvel -- yes, I'm a X-universe fan :op
76. Mexican or Chinese
77. Comic Books or Novels
78. Nirvana or Pearl Jam -- don't like either really but...
79. Boxers or Briefs
80. Short Hair or Long Hair
81. TV or Movies
82. MTV or MTV2 -- not an informed choice since I haven't seen MTV2
83. Tea or Coffee -- actually, I'm a soda freak
84. Breadsticks or Cheese-sticks
85. Smiths or Morrissey
86. Thai or Indian -- my tummy doesn't like spicy
87. Pepper or Salt
88. Tattoos or Body Piercings
89. Sex or Violence
90. Superman II or Batman Returns
91. Battlestar Galactica or Buck Rogers -- comedy!
92. Jean Grey or Rogue - like ya'll don't know I have a Phoenix fetish
93. Soundgarden or Audioslave -- who? ;o)
94. Conan or Red Sonja
95. Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan -- *drool*
96. Joker or Lex Luthor
97. Mountain Dew or Sun Drop
98. MacGyver or the A-Team
99. Zan or Jayna
100. Alien or Aliens

BONUS for Comic Fans:

101. Beppo or Gleep
102. Grant Morrison or Mark Millar
103. Alan Moore or Kurt Busiek
104. Jonh Byrne or George Perez
105. Savage Dragon or Incredible Hulk
106. Legion or X-men
107. Barry Allen or Jay Garrick
108. Wally West or Bart Allen
109. Jesse Quick or Johhny Quick
110. Alan Scott or Hal Jordan
111. Guy Gardner or Kyle Rayner
112. Golden Age or Silver Age
113. Greg Rucka or Ed Brubaker -- can't recall either of them
114. The Dark Knight or Watchmen
115. Captain Marvel (Shazam!) or Captain Mar-Vell
116. Unnamed Mugger or Joe Chill -- don't know either
117. Jean Grey or Madelyne Pryor
118. Barbara Gordon-Batgirl or Barbara Gordon-Oracle
119. Zatanna or Zatara
120. Monthly issues or Trade Paperback
121. Darkseid or Thanos
122. Hawkeye or Green Arrow
123. Sandman(Morpheus) or Sandman(Daniel)
124. Defenders or Outsiders
125. Ghost Rider:Johnny Blaze or Ghost Rider:Dan Ketch
The Tori Zombies Are Coming!

The Tori Zombies Are Coming!

The Tori Zombies Are Coming!

The Tori Zombies Are Coming!

lol hahaha

j/k! Hope you have peachy weekend sir! :)

Ha! I've got plenty of Tori fans on my friends list. I doubt they'll say much to me though about my choice. I do like some Tori, just like I like some Michelle Branch songs. I just happen to like more Branch songs right now than Tori.

May you have a most unblecky weekend yourself!