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something I honestly haven't thought about much

Gay retirement communities are catching on fast

Nature has it fixed so that women often outlive their husbands. So it's no surprise to find the gender ratio skewed to female at most retirement communities. Stroll the grounds at one such vibrant development near Fort Myers, Fla., and you're apt never to even see a man. But that doesn't stop its 300 female residents from enjoying busy social lives, competing in tennis by day and partying it up at dances in the evenings. That's because these women are part of the first predominantly lesbian retirement community of its size in the U.S. "I still have to pinch myself that this isn't a dream," says Mary Jeanne Walsh, a retired Chase Manhattan bank vice president who moved into her attractive two-bedroom home three years ago. "When I was younger, I never would have imagined a place like this existed." - [Full story]
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