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sucky book day

Headed to the Friends of the Library located in the Mall and was taken aback to see construction men inside what had been the store building partition walls for a real commercial store moving in. Looking around I saw the bookstore was moved into the adjacent empty store space which is at least a third smaller than the previous one. *sigh* According to the sign posted outside it was closed and had been since the 4th of July, but will be open Friday at 10am.

From there it was to the library which I hadn't been to since December. Things were moved around but like the last time I was there I was severely disappointed on how it's being managed. By that I mean the type of books available and how it's organized. It looks like the most recently added sci-fi paperback books are of Star Trek or Star Wars series which are just.. ugh!! I wandered up and down the fiction section for hardcover books trying to find any books of the genres I like which is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The year before last (or maybe the year before) in their infinite wisdom the library staff merged the sci-fi & fantasy books with the regular fiction section including, yes, romance books. *shakes head* I ended up checking out books I had read before and wanted to re-read. Oh, and when I went to check out the books at the register, the young woman there told me I owed 75 cents because the last time I turned in books (3 in December) they were a day late. I didn't think they were late and wondered why they didn't say something the last time. I paid the fine. When I got home though I remembered that they were indeed late last time and I paid the fine back then. I would have gone back to the library and gotten my 75 cents back but I'm sure I don't have the receipt any more to prove I paid the fine back in December.

I'm seriously tempted to declare my little collection of books an open library for anybody in town to borrow. Deity knows I have a better selection of sci-fi & fantasy books (including ebooks) and possibly more in number than the library.
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