Took in the aluminum cans and plastic bottles to be recycled.

Went to the Friends of the Library store and my heart sank. Bad enough this new store is smaller but the amount of books there was less than half of what was previously at the other store. The lady who was working there (who loves to talk) mentioned the Mall was under new ownership and was not community oriented. Basically, he wants them out of there as soon as he can get rid of them. The FotL doesn't have a place to store the leftover books so those that aren't in the store itself or given to the prison system are going to be taken to the dumpster. The sci-fi/fanstasy section now occupies half of a fold-up picnic table. *sigh*

From there went to WalMart and almost got a new set of computer speakers. My current ones go on the fritz every other day or so it seems. What I ended up buying though were two DVDs: Animatrix and Spirited Away. On the former, I thought the best short was Beyond. The worst was World Record.

Spirited Away is fun. What I didn't like about this DVD though was the typical American "buy-this-other-video-prefix" crap. When I put in a DVD I want to the see the movie right away or be taken to a main menu.
I would say Beyond was the gem in the dump. It was surreal, very nice, and worked so well in large part because there was almost no dialogue to screw up. Everything else was really not worth the hype, or the watch. 'The Kid', in particular, if you've watched the movie...gah. Stupid marketing ploy. Then, then, there is the Square story, the Last Flight of Osiris. It is Square, therefore, it is cool art, bad script, but FF: Spirits Within must've started a tradition with that. And when you consider that it all sorts of ties in with the game, and you have to watch the Animatrix to figure out the backstory of the next movies...stupid, stupid marketing ploy. The Wachowskis should've stopped when they were ahead.

Spirited Away is Pink Rat! And Fly Bird! And Soot Bunnies! And White Dragon! And Pink Rat! Pink Rat is keeeeeeewt!
I agree about Beyond and less dialog being better. I also liked the 2 Secon Renaissance ones simply 'cause I like getting the background information about how this all began.

Heh, as soon as I saw Baby get transformed into the pink rat I knew you'd pay close attention. When I saw him running the wheel to spin thread I laughed thinking you'd say "Kawaii!" about it. And I'm sure you did. ;o)
Booooooo-- Pink rat! Pink rat! He was sooooo kewt. I was watching the thing all the way until he got turned back. So kewt! And the running in the wheel and going to munch at table scenes were so kawaaaaaaaaaaiiiii!