Marine refuses anthrax vaccination

"A Marine helicopter pilot who refused on religious grounds to receive an anthrax vaccination was dismissed from the Corps on Tuesday and ordered to serve seven months in prison.

1st Lt. Erick Enz pleaded guilty during a court-martial to disobeying the order of a superior. He faced a maximum punishment of five years confinement, forfeiture of all pay and allowances and dismissal from service."

Why would anyone object to getting the vaccination? Maybe because...

"A September 2002 U.S. General Accounting Office survey of 1,253 soldiers who received the anthrax vaccination found that 84 percent suffered minor reactions. At least 24 percent had major multiple "systemic" reactions, the latter more than 100 times higher than the estimate of the manufacturer." [Full story]

With those kind of numbers I'd've objected too.
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If I'm not mistaken, there is at least one Christian sect that is against vaccination. I forgot which one though. Ria (or Rita, been too long see) of the FC Mins/NGs from the Family district was against vaccinations on religious grounds. I remember having a conversation with her once, and she was telling me about legal action taken against her and her hubby for refusing vaccinations for her children. It was a medical reason too, I believe, since she mentioned that vaccinations could cause complications or fatalities, something about not putting her kids at risk. I wished I remembered which Christian sect this was.

Anthrax vaccination though. It's easy to see why anyone would disagree to that on medical grounds, nevermind religious ones.
Just one more reason that I'm glad I'm no longer in the military. Thank god I was at a TRADOC (Training and Doctrine) post when they started that anthrax vaccination garbage. (And that I got out before it was Army-wide)
I'm happy you got out early enough not to be a live guinea pig for these new medicines. Seriously, what the military is willing to do to the troops with drugs that heven't been long-term tested is appalling.
*nods* When a child gets ready to start schooling the parents have to show that their child has had all of the immunization shots first otherwise the child can't attend school.

I can't remember which religion they adhered to either. I'm pretty sure Ria told me in a chat once but I can't remember. I should have asked Kim this morning when I saw her on ICQ.

The thing about the Anthrax vaccinations for the military is that when you join the military you give them the right to do just about anything medically they see fit. The marine in the story should never have joined if he was so dead set against any types of vaccination.