Nothing much of interest happening lately meritting a journal entry. I've mostly just been playing an old game (1602 A.D.) and downloading music.

But, today L came over and dropped off the updated help file so now I can get to linking in the right help topics IDs into the program. He started to say he wasn't going to make any more changes. I think I must have frowned at that because he stopped in mid-sentence and laughed. He said he should know better than to say that now.

Waiting for the fix-it guy from the rental office to look at the water heater. It's been making weird knocking noises after we use the hot water for while, like taking a shower.

I should also be getting that adapter cable I ordered last week today via UPS ground.
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"mostly just been playing an old game (1602 A.D.)"


... They probably don't come much older.